Monday, 9 January 2023

月追いの都市~Elthia Lag Ecliss~/ Tsukioi no Toshi / The Moon Chasing City ~Elthia of Ecliss~

 Elthia, to o i nam fida ir.


Elthia, that's the name that's been engraved upon me.

On whe it lrd it, ejr est it luh?

私がわたしを失う日   わたしは何処へ行くのだろうか

The day I lose myself, where will I go?

Karra fida nenel rin sug o zai tu, Zet nen zel ir.

週末を告げる聖鐘は鳴り始めて    わたしが此処にいることを誰も気付かず

The holy bell that announces the week's end has begun to toll - No one realises I'm even here

Sunday, 27 December 2020

I'm Your Ghost - THRIVE 【B-Project (B-pro)】 English lyrics translation


それは偶然の悪戯 君が隣に座った瞬間弾けて 
This was some coincidental mischief, it burst the moment you sat next to me 
Your sweet scent invited me, and suddenly this heartless man had a heart 

Thursday, 2 January 2020

HEAVENLY VISITOR - TRIGGER【 IDOLiSH7 】English lyrics translation


想像の(向こうへ) 走りだせ…Alive
Souzou no (mukou e) hashiridase... Alive!
Start running (beyond) imagination... alive!

腹の底から欲しいモンなら いっそ
Hara no soko kara hoshi mon nara isso
 If there's something you want from the bottom of your heart


Inochigake de tobikonde mitara ii
...risk your life, and jump in head-first.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

NATSU☆SHIYOUZE! - IDOLiSH7【 IDOLiSH7 】English lyrics translation

Breaking Breaking Breaking New World!(Let’s dance!)
 Shaking Shaking Shaking Pure Heart!(今すぐ)
Shaking Shaking Shaking Pure Heart! (Ima sugu)
Shaking Shaking Shaking Pure Heart (Right away)

Making Making Making Your Day!(With me?)

Taking Taking Taking!

Natsu shiyouze!
Let's go, summer!

Saturday, 25 May 2019

DESTINY - TRIGGER【IDOLiSH7】English lyrics translation

I'll vow ten, even ten thousand times over-  
Nan jukkai datte nan mankai datte chikaou

to not avert my eyes,
hitomi sorasazu
to keep challenging it-
idomi tsudzukero

 Our Destiny.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Ain Soph Aur【Granblue Fantasy】 English Translation Lyrics / update 2020

The dazzlingly bright ending ahead is steeped in darkness,
Me no kuramu you na  shuumatsu wa yami ni ooware
These fleeting wings grow dark and slow the more I try to hold them up
Karisume no hane wa kazasu hodo kuraku yondeku
What makes the sky blue? My wish gets further away the more I ask...
Doushite sora wa aoku   negai wa dou hodo tooku...
どうして空は蒼く 願いは問うほど遠く…

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Ten Count: Another Days - Mobile Game Translation (Last Update 16/10/2020) - Discontinued

This translation is discontinued on grounds of the game being shut down, and therefore, me no longer having access to the text. This translates the first two chapters and first game tutorial.

Ten Count: Another Days was a mobile game for android and other devices developed by Ameba, based on the manga Ten Count by Takarai Rihito.
For more info on the game, see this post by dePepi
Below is a script translation of the game's story, updated periodically. The story is told from Shirotani's perspective.